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Nylon Collars are the standard for controlling and training dogs. These 3/4" nylon collars are simple, basic, and they work! Nylon is an extremely durable material that will hold up after years of wear and tear. The strength and durability of nylon collars ensure that the collar doesn't break as your pup pulls on the leash, plays in the yard, and everything in between.

More advanced remote training collars will help your dog off leash, but for the rest of the day, nylon collars are comfortable and practical. 


This collar will fit on all 300, 400, and 900 model receivers as well as the Micro RX-070 and RX-090 receivers

Fits neck sizes between 6  inches to 26 inches


  • Material Type :Nylon
  • Color :Black
  • Color :Red
  • Quick Snap? :No