Rembering to Rest your Canine Athlete

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Garak von Heksterhorst owned by Leslie Greenson

One thing I often forget, and I'm sure others too, is that our dogs need rest. Sometimes we get so excited about the progress our dog is making that we forget to stop and give them a break. Then, next thing you know, you are set back because your dog is injured or physically burned out.

After a strenuous training or exercise session, think about whether your dog may be sore from their efforts. If you think yes, they worked very hard, give them time to rest and recover.  The Extreme Canine help keep the inflammation and discomfort at bay and help them recover quickly. The body, however, needs time to heal.  So always keep in mind, give them appropriate rest, because they will go until they cannot go anymore. That's their heart and drive pushing them! When you have a dog that puts self preservation second to their work, we, as their handlers, have to be their voice of reason and good sense.

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